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FR022 – Force 022 – Pipeline


These horizontal funnels are slightly narrowed on the right-hand side. This narrowing implies a reduction process or filtering. The narrowing is not so much that these funnels cannot be used as pipelines as well.

There are two styles of funnels: the first style is the funnel developed with 0 to 6 segments; the second style is the graduated download. The segmented funnels are represented in the series example and should be used to show how something progresses through a process. The graduated funnels download has three differently shaped funnels that can be used when the process the funnel represents is being modified.

The screens that are used in the series example can be found in series fr006.

The PowerPoint downloads are already formatted with gradients to use as is or guide you as you apply your own colors. Refer to the tutorial for formatting tips. Also, the animation example provides a good animation scheme for you to follow.

Key search words: process, filter, flow, funnel, pipeline

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Forces 022 – Segmented Pipeline

Frameworks available in this series

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FR022 – fr022_0100

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FR022 – fr022_0200

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FR022 – fr022_0300

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FR022 – fr022_0400

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FR022 – fr022_0500

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FR022 – fr022_0600

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FR022 – fr022_graduated

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