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Force 029

Vertical Funnel with 3 Cuts

Vertical Funnel with 3 Cuts example of possible use

It's difficult to show parallel processes in a funnel flow. This series contains funnel segments that have been cut in thirds, providing a way for three processes to occur separately in the same segment. Each third of the segment can be colored individually. Notice in the series example that the segment thirds are the same basic color, only different hues. You can choose whatever colors you wish. The semitransparency is set at 50%.

Also notice in the series example that the middle segment is solid, not halved, and the top segment is in thirds. This series works perfectly with the series FR013 and FR048 and TO042. The two halves of the second segment were replaced by the second segment in a three-segment funnel in Force 048 and, likewise, with the top segment in thirds. See the tutorial for ways to work with and format these funnel variations.


Tutorial for Predator

Keywords: split funnel chart, halved funnel segments, semitransparent funnels, parallel processes in funnel segments, funnel chart,

Categories: Forces, Flows - Vertical

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