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FR042 – Force 042 – Trajectory Redirect


Important: This series has been drawn so the inflow and outflow can be easily spun around the event. Be sure to review the tutorial to find out the way to adjust the trajectory angles – it's so very easy.

This series provides a way to attach a value trend to a horizontal flow and then adjust the trajectory after an event. These frameworks have been drawn so that there is a counter balance (the blue dot) and they can be quickly and easily spun to the desired trajectory. Once the trajectories have been set, either ungroup and eliminate the blue dot or select it and format it to "no fill." You should see the tutorial for a better description of how to work with these. Don't overlook the possibility of applying a spin animation so that the trajectory changes as you present.

These frameworks are unique. You'll not see them used often if at all. When precise, data-driven trends are not needed, these frameworks will work perfectly to illustrate your message. Notice that there are two variations: v01 frameworks do not touch the event and v02 do. The outflow from the event in v02 spins perfectly around the round event marker. If you want to use something other than a circle as the event, use v01 and space the inflow and outflow segment groups accordingly.

Even though there are only 10 downloads in this series, you can mix and match between the downloads. For example, say you want 3 segments into the event and one out of the event). Download the 1- and 3-segment frameworks and combine them to create this specific message. Also, the trajectory positions going into and out of the event are nearly unlimited. These 10 downloads provide a powerful set of frameworks with just a small amount of formatting.

Key search words: trajectory, redirect, angle flow, shock, interruption, event, change

The background used in the example for this series is courtesy of ppted.com.
Visit http://www.ppted.com to view their library of backgrounds.

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Forces 041 and 042 – Trajectory Redirect

Frameworks available in this series

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FR042 – fr042_0101_v01

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FR042 – fr042_0101_v02

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FR042 – fr042_0201_v01

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FR042 – fr042_0201_v02

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FR042 – fr042_0301_v01

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FR042 – fr042_0301_v02

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FR042 – fr042_0401_v01

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FR042 – fr042_0401_v02

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FR042 – fr042_0501_v01

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FR042 – fr042_0501_v02

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