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FR046 – Force 046 – Loops with Loop Back


This series provides frameworks to help you visually display a forward flow with a backward flow option. This is particularly useful when a project status is provided to previous owner, approvals are needed, comparisons are required, and checkpoints exist. This is a unique graphic and very aptly helps convey a sometimes tricky concept.

There are two versions. The thicker version is for use when there is a lot of associated text or a lengthy label for the loop. You can also use it if there is no associated text, but there is a lot of other content on the slide. The thinner version provides more space for words within the loop. Choose the best version for your needs.

Refer to the tutorial for more usage and formatting tips.

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Forces 007 and 046 – Loops and Loop Backs

Frameworks available in this series

Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image of that framework.

FR046 – fr046_v1_0100

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FR046 – fr046_v1_0200

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FR046 – fr046_v1_0300

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FR046 – fr046_v1_0400

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FR046 – fr046_v1_0500

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FR046 – fr046_v2_0100

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FR046 – fr046_v2_0200

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FR046 – fr046_v2_0300

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FR046 – fr046_v2_0400

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