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HF021 – Horizontal Flow 021 – 3 Horizontal Splits


Flows are the most widely used design element/framework in presentations: steps, cause and effect, definition, process, progression, etc. Because flow applications are so broad, they need to developed in a tremendous number of variations in order to illustrate an exact message. Think carefully about the message you are attempting to convey and search for the PowerFramework that is best suited for the purpose.

Use this framework with other frameworks or on its own. Series hf005, hf017, and hf021 are designed to be used together. The width and length sizing is exactly the same for all, but the number of horizontal segments varies. The horizontal segments of the arrow make it easy to highlight or color code sections of the whole. The cut at the beginning of the flow implies that an event prompted the flow to start.

Key search words: flow, sequence, functions, process, steps, chevron, boat, horizontal, slice, cutout

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Horizontal Flows 017 and 021 – Horizontal Splits

Frameworks available in this series

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HF021 – 0203

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HF021 – 0303

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HF021 – 0403

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HF021 – 0503

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HF021 – 0603

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HF021 – 0703

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HF021 – 0803

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HF021 – 0903

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HF021 – 1003

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