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Horizontal Flow 045

Puzzle Flow

Puzzle Flow example of possible use

Unlike most horizontal flows, this framework does not flow from segment to segment. The pieces join together to create a whole, and the whole framework conveys the flow. The example shows how this framework might be used: assembling a whole and then flowing or moving to a new status or next step.

There are three variations in the series. They can be blended with the other horizontal flows, e.g., start with a basic horizontal flow as the first segment in the flow and adding a couple segments from from this series. See the tutorial for more information on blending with other horizontal flows.

The three segments are …

Variation 1: this variation is not strictly a flow, but a bar that is made up of puzzle pieces. This series will also show up in the Segments Category.

Variation 2: this variation is a flow that is sized just like the other horizontal flows, but the segment separations are puzzle tabs and slots. The end segment has an arrow.

Variation 3: this variation is just like variation 2, but the first segment is indented. This is the variation to use if you wish combine with a different horizontal flow segment (see tutorial).

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Tutorial for Puzzle Flows

Keywords: puzzle flow, pieces of whole, horizontal

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