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HF054 – Horizontal Flow 054 – Diagonally Cut 1


These diagonally cut horizontal flows are an appropriate option when color coding the segments is desired. Another level of information can be added. The series example uses color in this manner. Aside from the color coding, these flows can be used:

  • To describe two aspects of the same segment.
  • As a design element, importing a photograph or icon in one segment and applying color in the other segment and then placing one text field over both.
  • Within other horizontal flows. It's important to note that the horizontal flow segments for all the series in this category are uniformly sized and can be interspersed.
  • As an independent diagonally cut arrow, enlarged to hold significant blocks of text – rather like those in the Arrow Variations Category – that point to an outcome.

We're sure you can come up with even more uses than we've cited above.

This series is the same as HF053, but with wings. Refer to the tutorial for formatting techniques and the downloadable animation example for a possible animation scheme.

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TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Horizontal Flows 053 and 054 – Diagonally Cut 1

Frameworks available in this series

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HF054 – hf054_0200

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HF054 – hf054_0300

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HF054 – hf054_0400

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HF054 – hf054_0500

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HF054 – hf054_0600

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HF054 – hf054_0700

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HF054 – hf054_0800

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HF054 – hf054_0900

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HF054 – hf054_1000

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