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Horizontal Flow 056

Flow Lines

Flow Lines example of possible use

These flows can also be used to show relationships, so they are very versatile. The series example is an illustration of a reduction flow. They can also be used as a bullet alternative by placing the main thought in the circle (or any other shape you wish to use) and the subordinate thoughts on the lines to the right.

The flow lines are evenly spaced throughout the series. This was done so that you'd be able to use them in an animation sequence where lines are added or eliminated. If you're using the frameworks independently, then you can group the lines and increase the space between the lines by holding the Shift and Ctrl keys down as you resize the group. Be sure to resize by the top-center or bottom-center handle of the group (not the corners or sides). This will enlarge the group vertically, but not horizontally (a good tip that you can use often on other groups).

See the tutorial for more usage and formatting tips.


Tutorial for Fast Track

Keywords: flow in, flow out, horizontal flow

Categories: Bullet Alternatives, Relationships, Flows - Horizontal

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