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HF057 – Horizontal Flow 057 – Fast Track


This series is another variation of the other horizontal flows available at PowerFrameworks. They are sized consistently with the others, and you can mix these flow segments with the others to create completely customized horizontal flow charts (see series example). Horizontal flows are one of the most widely used graphic because they convey a broad number of concepts: steps, phases, activities, etc. Therefore, mixing and matching segments to create specific and nonstandard messages is a good practice.

This series offers framework downloads in both PowerPoint 2003 and 2007. If you're using PowerPoint 2007, download both and choose which of the three variations you'd like to use (two variations in PowerPoint 2003 and one variation in 2007). If you are using PowerPoint 2003, then just download the 2003 download. The PowerPoint 2007 download contains a variation with formatting not available in PowerPoint 2003.

See HR058 if you want segments with wings.

Be sure to review the tutorial for additional usage and formatting tips. Some of them are important to understand.

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Horizontal Flows 057 and 058 – Fast Track

Frameworks available in this series

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HF057 – hf057_0200_basic

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HF057 – hf057_0300_basic

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HF057 – hf057_0400_basic

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HF057 – hf057_0500_basic

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HF057 – hf057_0600_basic

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HF057 – hf057_0700_basic

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HF057 – hf057_0800_basic

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HF057 – hf057_0900_basic

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HF057 – hf057_1000_basic

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