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Hierarchy 020

Building with Compartments

Hierarchy 020 – Building with Compartments example of possible use

This series contains frameworks that can be used as alternatives to simple org charts. The example uses elements from several frameworks to introduce a team and establish the hierarchy within the team. These frameworks are a nice departure from org charts. And with the capability of using different amounts for every layer – and adding layers – there are a very large number of variations available.

You might want to take photos of your staff and use them in this format from time to time. Since the frameworks are in a "building," a picture of the employee at their desk will help to convey that they are in their offices within the building. With a digital camera, this slide could be done within an hour.

Another use for this chart is to show the components of something that is in the process of being built. There is enough room in the foundation fields for text.

Check the tutorial for formatting techniques. No animated example has been set up for this slide. No animated example has been set up for this slide. Simple text and/or photo reveals work best. If these frameworks are being used to show steps to build something, start at the foundation and reveal until the roof is placed.

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TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Hierarchy 020 – Building with Compartments

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