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Hierarchy 021

Triangles and Bars

Triangles and Bars example of possible use

This series allows you to do two things: show a hierarchy and display text associated with the segments easily. Most associated text with triangles has to be staggered against the diagonal line of the triangle segments, which gets smaller at the bottom. This layout provides for a consistently sized text field for each segment.

There are three variations for this series. Choose the one you like the best and use frameworks from that variation consistently throughout your presentation. The variation used in the series example shown above does not have bars extending from the segments, but the other variations have bars with a gradient to help contain the text associated with the segments. Very useful when the text from one segment is very close to the text from another segment. This is a solid alternative to a difficult spacing issue.

Review the tutorial for ideas on formatting and usage.

Key search words: hierarchy, foundation, build up, top down, bottom up


Tutorial for Spiral Stairs

Keywords: hierarchy, foundation, build up, top down, bottom up

Categories: Bullet Alternatives, Hierarchies

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