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Hierarchy 025

Spiral Staircase

Spiral Staircase example of possible use

This staircase can show a progression of steps or levels, but because it pivots around a base so the steps can relate directly to a goal, project, organization, or other. This makes the staircase in this series able to convey different concepts than a stand-alone, straight staircase.

There are two versions of staircases. Each of the two versions has variations of 1 to 10 stairs:

  • Version 1 (v1) contains staircases that pivot on bases of different heights, e.g., the 3-step staircase pivots on a base that is the height of the third step.
  • Version 2 (v2) contains animated staircases that build to as many as 10 stairs and pivot on a base that is the height of the top stair, e.g., if the staircase builds to 5 stairs, the height of the base is as high as the fifth stair.

The text on the stairs in the series example is done in PowerPoint 2007. The text has been rotated to match the surface of the stair. PowerPoint 2003 does not provide this formatting option. Notice that there is a PowerPoint 2007 animated example for this series. If you are working in PowerPoint 2007, you can download this file and you will have the prerotated text to use in your slides with spiral staircases.

The text for the base (cylinder) is WordArt that bends around an object. This is possible in both versions of PowerPoint. You can download the animated example and use the WordArt there as a starting point if you wish.

Refer to the tutorial for added information about formatting and usage. There are some layering techniques that will be helpful to understand when working with v2 staircases.

Key search words: spiral, stairs, steps, climb, ascend, descend


Tutorial for Flow Hierarchy

Keywords: spiral, stairs, steps, climb, ascend, descend

Categories: Hierarchies, Concepts

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