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Maps 010


Canada example of possible use

This series provides seven maps of Canada: variations of colored provinces with and without boundary countries and surrounding area, variations of landmass with and without boundary countries and surrounding area, and surrounding areas. Each province can receive fill and line color and all other types of formatting.

The series example is unique in this category. The combination of boundary countries, surrounding area, outline of provinces, and drawn and layered regions make a visually descriptive map that makes it easy to present complex messages. The technique to develop the regions is explained in the tutorial. It is a matter drawing the regions with as little overlap as possible and then layering them based on which are to be presented first. The downloadable animation example will show you the specifics of how to develop and animate this slide.

For your convenience, the provinces have been individually grouped, which will make it easy for you to select a province or multiple provinces and apply color or other formatting. You won't have to select all of the islands individually in a province before applying formatting – just one click to select the group and then apply formatting.

Important: all of the maps are in one download, so it may take a little while to download (3.3mb).

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Tutorial for North American Countries

Keywords: Map of Canada, map of Canadian provinces, map of Canadian regions

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