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Ribbon Flow 008


S-Curve example of possible use

The S-curve flow allows you to place more text into the segments. It's also a little more interesting on the page. The two turns can be as a result of an event, which you can describe in fields on the inside of the flow S curves. There isn't a lot of space for peripheral text with these frameworks – the emphasis should be on the flow itself and not descriptions for the flow segments.

The S curve also suggests a meandering, longer route rather than a straight, point-A-to-point-B route. Use icons or photographs to visually communicate the flow steps (as in the series example). The series example is also not necessarily a flow from one segment to the next; but, rather, a full representation of all the aspects of an education. Therefore, it is a nontraditional flow: the educational process is a flow but the pieces of the education happen in concert.

Animate with simple reveals.


Tutorial for Slant

Keywords: S curve, serpentine, horizontal flow, vertical flow, route, path, circuit, road

Categories: Flows, Flows - Ribbon

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