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Ribbon Flow 016

Intersection with Wings

Intersection with Wings example of possible use

This series is used to show parallel processes with intersections. The intersections can mean a transfer, review, consolidation, integration, etc. These frameworks can help you show simple and complex processes with intermittant events.

There are lots of variations in this series. There are 1-, 2-, and 3-intersection variations, sets with and without intersection circles (contined in each download), 2- and 3-flow variations, and variations with segments that can be color coded based on what side of the interection they reside (they've been cut at the midpoint). And for each of these variations, there are two styles. Choose a style and stay with that style for your presentation.

The series example is a hybrid of one of the downloads. The pieces are easy to mix and match, providing even more layout options. Review the tutorial for information about how to use, format, and animate these frameworks.

Key search words: parallel process, intersection, transfer, review, hand off, consolidation, integration, review, events


Tutorial for Figure 8s

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