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Ribbon Flow 026

Squared Figure 8

Squared Figure 8 example of possible use

The figure 8 on its side is a symbol for infinity, but when segmented it can illustrate a conceptual message as well. The series example depicts a virtuous cycle comprised of two separate but connected sets of activities. These graphics are not easily drawn in PowerPoint – and they're not easily drawn in other graphics programs because of the overlap – but they are useful in vividly illustrating cycles around two pivot points or a single cycle that capitalizes on the "infinity" message. Although the two parts overlap, some of the variations may be used to illustrate an intersection.

Because of the overlap, the continuous, 1-segment, and 2-segment variations are not drawn as individual segments. The segment fills and lines are comprised of several fields. The segments in the 3- through 12-segment variations are all drawn as separate and individual segments comprised of only 1 field.

The series example shows a continuous flow between two teams, with no start or stop. This type of continuous flow implies that it doesn't matter when the assessments and analyses are made – they are valuable at all stages as long as they are continuously performed. Therefore, there is no animated example download since the flow is established by the arrow directions. If, however, you wish to have a start and stop, animate with simple reveals and establish a sequence with numbers or letters along with the text for each segment of the figure 8.

This figure 8s series is good to use in two circumstances:

  1. When you need a little extra room in the center of the loops for text
  2. To stay stylistically consistent when you have used rounded-edge squares in the rest of your presentation.

This series contains figure-8 variations with wings (arrowheads). If you do not want wings, refer to RB025. If you want a traditional rounded figure 8, then see series rb013 and rb014.

The tutorial has good tips on usage and formatting techniques.


Tutorial for Bullet Alternatives – Ribbons

Keywords: infinity, figure 8, cycle, vicious, virtuous, pivot, flow

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