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Ribbon Flow 029

Arrows to Bars

Arrows to Bars example of possible use

These frameworks are for flows that do not have a lot of text. They fill out the slide nicely so that brief text messages appear more substantial. There are four variations: v01 and v02 flow from left to right and bottom to top at the same time, and v03 and v04 flow from left to right and top to bottom at the same time. Additionally, v01 and 03 both have enough room to place key words or phrases within the arrows (see series example).

These series can be animated in an interesting way – be sure to download the animated example.

Review the tutorial for additional formatting and usage tips.


Tutorial for Bullet Alternatives – Ribbons

Keywords: flow, stair-step flow, elevated flow, descending flow

Categories: Bullet Alternatives, Flows - Ribbon

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