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RE012 – Relationship 012 – Container Set


This series of frameworks does a couple of things. The frameworks establish relationships by providing compartments for text/graphic/photographic content, and they can be used as part of the overall design of a presentation (which is why they are also listed in the design elements category). The frameworks are a coordinated set of stylized frames for text or graphics. This type of design is very tailored and compartmentalized. They work well when used consistently within a document to establish a cohesive "look." For example, choose one framework when presenting photographs, another for a take-away thought, another for a lead-in thought.

This series suggests a file-folder-type of design. You may want to use it with BA004, which also uses this concept.

Refer to the tutorial for ideas about how you might format these frameworks within your presentations.

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Relationships 012 – Container Set

Frameworks available in this series

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RE012 – re012_0102_v01

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RE012 – re012_0102_v02

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RE012 – re012_0102_v03

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RE012 – re012_0103_v01

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RE012 – re012_0103_v02

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RE012 – re012_0201

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RE012 – re012_0202_v01

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RE012 – re012_0202_v02

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