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Relationship 013

Wheels and Spokes

Wheels and Spokes example of possible use

The wheel concept suggests a group of equally important components (spokes) that make the whole functional. This is not really a parts-of-a-whole concept, but more of a components-of-functionality framework.

The wheel can illustrate meaningful concepts, but it is rarely used. The reason it is avoided is that it's difficult to label the spokes with readable text and also provide associated text for each spoke. But if the wheel is used with animation, that problem goes away. Please download the animated example for this series to see how these frameworks can be used in an effective and eye-catching way.

The recommended animation scheme is the "Emphasis" effect of "Spin." The amount of spin is calculated by the number of spokes in the framework. If you're using a 5-spoke framework, each degree of spin is 72 degrees (360/5). This is a somewhat advanced animation scheme, so refer to the tutorial for more information. The tutorial has a significant amount of information on animation for this series. It's important that you understand a few things before you begin to animate these frameworks.

key search words: wheel, spokes, functionality, drive


Tutorial for Cubes

Keywords: wheel, spokes, functionality, drive

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