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RE014 – Relationship 014 – Cubes


These cubes have perspective, so they look realistic. The cubes have all six sides, so they can be used in many interesting ways; but each cube is grouped, which makes them easier to deal with. The downloads contain opaque and semitransparent versions, so both the exterior and interior of the cubes can be utilized when illustrating your concepts.

Cubes are a non-data-driven option for displaying objects on three axes (Y axis is the height, X axis is the width, and Z axis is the depth). Refer to the tutorial for more information about how to use and format these frameworks.

Key search words: cube, box, multiple axes, universe, contained

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Relationships 014 – Cubes

Frameworks available in this series

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RE014 – re014 boxes\re014_perimeter

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re014 boxes\re014_perimeter

RE014 – re014 boxes\re014_perimeter-bottom

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re014 boxes\re014_perimeter-bottom

RE014 – re014 boxes\re014_perimeter-upright

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re014 boxes\re014_perimeter-upright

RE014 – re014 boxes\re014_perimeter_table

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re014 boxes\re014_perimeter_table

RE014 – re014 boxes\re014_pyramid

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re014 boxes\re014_pyramid

RE014 – re014 boxes\re014_stairstack-right

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re014 boxes\re014_stairstack-right

RE014 – re014 boxes\re014_stairstackback

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re014 boxes\re014_stairstackback

RE014 – re014_2stack

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RE014 – re014_2x2

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RE014 – re014_3stack

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RE014 – re014_3x3

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RE014 – re014_4stack

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RE014 – re014_4x4

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RE014 – re014_5stack

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RE014 – re014_5x5

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RE014 – re014_cube

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RE014 – re014_perimeter-3back

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