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Relationship 015

Container Set

Container Set example of possible use

This series employs a shape that is difficult to produce in PowerPoint. It has three rounded corners and one squared corner. The series is developed so that all of the rounded corners are exactly the same dimensions, making it a cohesive-looking set of frameworks. Refrain from sizing whenever possible. If you must size the frameworks, size them all together so you don't destroy the consistency of the set.

These frameworks can also be categorized as design elements. When they are used consistently in a presentation, they actually become part of the template design branding for a company. Place text, graphics, or photographs into the field under the heading field.

These frameworks provide structure to a slide, making it possible to compartmentalize the different information fields on a slide. Refer to the tutorial for usage and formatting techniques.

Key search words: design set, frames, heading and body, compartments, tailored, structured


Tutorial for Transformation Mapping

Keywords: design set, frames, heading and body, compartments, tailored, structured

Categories: Relationships, Design Elements

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