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Relationship 016

Transformation Map

Transformation Map example of possible use

These are templates that can be used to plot progress during a transformation initiative. These are not data-driven charts – the description boxes are plotted by hand and can be updated as the activities evolve over time.

There are four downloads, each with two variations: one with just lines that separate the sections of the map and one with fields that can be shaded and used to highlight sections of the map. The two variations can be used together, as in the series example. We started with the line version, shaded the background a light gray, copied the rounded-edge section onto the line version and shaded it light green. We then used the line for that segment to further distinguish the section by increasing the point size to 2-1/4 points and adding a darker green color. The effect is very nice.

Add your own descriptive boxes and place them within the map. You might want to add a drop shadow so that they appear to be suspended above the map.

If you have different numbers of sections that those provided in the downloads, you can mix and match between the variations or make adjustments (described in the tutorial for this series).


Tutorial for Not Quite Silos

Keywords: transformation map, process transformation, transform over time, progress map

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