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Relationship 020

Ovals with Surrounding Circles

Relationship 020 – Ovals with Surrounding Circles example of possible use

This series has an oval in the center of evenly spaced circles. This series is a nice variation of the circles surrounding a circle frameworks (RE001 and RE075series). Use these frameworks when you need to place a horizontally oriented image or logo in the center of a ring of circles. These will work out much better. The workaround was to just stretch the circles into ovals and then add message content to the frameworks. These frameworks provide a much more professional way to show circles around an oval.

Each download has two variations of the frameworks: one with larger oval and smaller circles and one with smaller oval and larger ovals. Take a look at the tutorial to see how you might format them.

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Relationships 001, 023, and 043 – Network

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