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Relationship 021


Triads example of possible use

If you need a framework to plot qualitative information on a set of three criteria, these are the frameworks to use. They are a non-data-driven version of the radar charts available in the chart library in PowerPoint. A lot of formatting can be applied to these frameworks, and it is easier to use these than a data-driven chart as your jumping off place. These are great to use when there is no data or quantitative ranking numbers. The frameworks do not have a scale, but convey general values and comparisons.

Versions 1 and 2 are similar in style. Version 1 is a straight-on view of the triad, while version 2 is from an angle. Version 2 is a good choice if there is a lot of associated text. Version 3 is a unique triad design that uses 3D and transparencies. There are two variations of version 3: one that shows the concept and one that has elements to plot the quality level of each piece of the triad. Version 4 is a simple, direct, basic triad.

Please refer to the tutorial for help with usage and formatting.


Tutorial for Network

Keywords: triad, pyramid, radar chart, qualitative values, comparisons, ranking, value assignment

Categories: Relationships, Segments

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