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RE035 – Relationship 035 – Sliced Spheres


These spheres are useful when you don't want to use a segmented pie to illustrate pieces of a whole. They are easily workable and formatable, and the downloads are prelayered in both compressed and expanded layouts. Each segment has two fields that can be colored to show 3D depth and shadows and light, depending on where you decide your "light source" is located. We've grouped each slice in the downloads so it will be easy for you to work with the spheres.

The series example and the downloads are colored so that the top of the slice is darker, but you can easily reverse the colors. You don't need to ungroup the slices to recolor; just select the field within the group and format as you wish. We've used fills and line colors and urge to do the same. Use the same fill and line color for each field in the slice; it produces the best result.

Refer to the tutorial for additional formatting and animation ideas and tips.

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Relationships 035 – Sliced Spheres

Frameworks available in this series

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RE035 – re035_0200

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RE035 – re035_0300

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RE035 – re035_0400

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RE035 – re035_0500

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RE035 – re035_0600

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