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RE042 – Relationship 042 – Nested Spheres


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These nested spheres can be used to illustrate two unique concepts: objects inside other objects (see series example) and as the shells in a "shell game" (see Chart of the Month November 2010). This series is meant to be used with animation, so don't dismiss this series based on the comparatively hum-drum series example. The frameworks used within a concept are exciting and impactful, and the tutorial is packed with all the information you need for formatting and animating these frameworks.

If you need a split sphere that is semitransparent, there is one in cn048. There are also other series of spheres, each conveying a unique set of reveals: they are re010 and re033.

There is only one download; it contains all of the frameworks variations for this series. Simply delete those you don't need. Be sure to review the tutorial. It has been written to save you time and heighten your effectiveness when working with these and other animated layered objects.

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Relationships 042 – Nested Spheres

Frameworks available in this series

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RE042 – re042 - nested spheres

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re042 - nested spheres

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