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RE061 – Relationship 061 – Connections and Transparencies


This series of frameworks conveys degrees if connectedness and transparency. The series example shows how this might play out in an organization's change program from silos to interconnected, integrated, and transparent business units.

These variations are meant to be used as an overall concept to show the different types of connections between objects, not necessarily to show each individual entities with labels. We suggest listing the entities for the connection to which they relate. Too many entities in these graphics obscure the meaning. The graphic concepts are developed from shapes found within the Shapes menu in PowerPoint and PowerFrameworks-generated shapes. The elements in these frameworks rely heavily on layering, so be sure to take a look at the tutorial.

There are two options: a 3D representation and a downward-looking representation of the silos.

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Relationships 061 – Connections and Transparency

Frameworks available in this series

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