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Relationship 064

Expanded Honeycomb

Relationship 064 – Expanded Honeycomb example of possible use

This series expands the re003 honeycomb series, which has seven cells. By expanding the honeycomb, new concepts can be illustrated. The series example shows a selection from the honeycomb to create a subset. If you are going to use these frameworks to show this application, download the "both" variation – it has the comb and the individual cells.

You may only want to color the cells in the honeycomb and use labels or a legend to show groupings within the whole. There can be many applications for these frameworks.

The animated example shows you how to bring a few cells out of the honeycomb and configure a larger grouping. Also, be sure to review the tutorial for tips on animating these frameworks.

Key search words: cells, modules, components, groupings, subsets

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Relationships 064 – Expanded Honeycomb

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