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Overlapping Circles

Overlapping Circles example of possible use

These simple but elegant frameworks are not usually seen in PowerPoint presentations. The design is very difficult to achieve due to layering constraints. Notice that there is a bit of an optical illusion associated with these frameworks: there is no beginning or end. PowerFrameworks has developed an easy way to work with the frameworks, and you'll be able to use them to visually support several concepts:

  • The slight overlap suggests order. Those on the bottom come before those on top, especially if animation is used for reveals.
  • The overlap also suggests connection between the circles.
  • The solid circle of circles suggests a hedge around a central object.
  • The layout can provide a very nice design element on a slide, especially when photographs are imported into the circles.
Two variations of the frameworks are provided: one set that builds clockwise from the 12 o'clock position and one set that builds counterclockwise from the 12 o'clock position. If you are going to be importing photos into these circles, make sure you decide on whether you want to use clockwise or counterclockwise builds and download the correct version. The reason for this is that photographs will import based on the original orientation. If the circle has been flipped horizontally, the photographs will also flip, making the right side of the photograph appear on the left side of the circle. This may not matter with some photographs, but it definitely matters with others (those with clocks, roads with cars, etc.). It's just best to decide whether you want to build clockwise or counterclockwise before you download so that you aren't confronted with "surprises." This is a PowerPoint issue, not a framework issue; so this is the workaround.

Review the tutorial for more formatting tips.

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Keywords: overlap, connection, surround

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