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Relationship 079

In the Loop

In the Loop example of possible use

This series is worth considering for introducing a group of people, "binding" a group of objects or functions, or simply to illustrate the concept of transparency within an organization (as in the series example). The series example is animated and goes into motion on one click. It runs in the background as the background as the presenter speaks, demonstrating the inclusion of employees who are "in the know" at OurCo.

There are loop sets from 1 loop to 24 loops. There's also a loop set that has been especially formatted to be animated. The tutorial provides a guide for animating and filling the "teardrops" within the loops with photographs. Download the animated example to see how the animation is formatted. There's also a video to see the animation in action.

See series Forces 007 (FR007) and Forces 044 (FR044) for other loop concepts.


Tutorial for Venn Variations

Keywords: in the loop, inclusive, inclusion, groups, binding, bind, bound, tied together, linked, associated, interconnected, entwined, dependent, part of a whole, revolve, central, peripheral, intertwined, pivot

Categories: Relationships

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