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RF005 – Rectangular Flow 005 – Bidirectional


These rectangular flows show a dual process originating from and terminating at common points. Use these frameworks to show alternative approaches, joint efforts, complementary processes, decision steps, etc. They are versatile in illustrating concepts. These rectangular flows are similar to the circular flows in series cf019, but they don't have as many segments and can, therefore, hold a lot more content.

This particular series is without wings. Series rf006 is identical to this series, but it has wings. Be sure to decide which look you prefer and use frameworks with wings or no wings throughout your presentations.

Refer to the tutorial for tips on how to format and use these frameworks. Also, download the animation example for ideas about how you might set the reveals.

Key search words: dual process, parallel process, tandem process, comparison, routes, comparison, choices, activity analysis.

Key search words: dual process, two routes, two choices, comparison, bidirectional

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Rectangular Flows 005 and 006 – Bidirectional

Frameworks available in this series

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RF005 – rf005\rf005_v01

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RF005 – rf005\rf005_v03b

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RF005 – rf005\rf005_v04

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RF005 – rf005\rf005_v06

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RF005 – rf005_v02a

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RF005 – rf005_v02b

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RF005 – rf005_v03a

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RF005 – rf005_v05a

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RF005 – rf005_v05b

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