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SG022 – Segment 022 – Layered Concentric Circles


This segment shows radiation from the center, boundaries around the center, core and layers around the core, and other concepts illustrated by a concentric circle structure.These are layered circles on top of each other, each layered circle equidistant from the last and the next. They are left as layered circles so that shading and 3D effects can be applied.

This series is different than series sg034. The frameworks in this series are comprised of smaller circles overlaid on larger circles. The frameworks in series sg034 are "halos" radiating from the center circle.

Key search words: halo, segment, sections, onion, layers, concentric, core, target

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Segments 022 – Layered Concentric Circles

Frameworks available in this series

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SG022 – 0200

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SG022 – 0300

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SG022 – 0400

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SG022 – 0500

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SG022 – 0600

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