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SG023 – Segment 023 – Platforms for Circles


This is a simple little accessory for pie charts, circular flows, and segmented circles: a platform. It is tricky to show support for circles, but this does the job. Since it has a circular cutout, it is not that easy to draw in PowerPoint. Use these platforms independently or together to indicate graduated usage, influence, or value. Another use might be to cut a photographic into a circle and place it on top of the platform. This might be a nice way to introduce team members with a short bio or provide a place for a quote and picture. The platforms have many applications.

Check the tutorial for formatting tips.

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TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Segments 023 – Platforms for Circles

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SG023 – sg023_0002_v01

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SG023 – sg023_0002_v02

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SG023 – sg023_0002_v03

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