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Segment 024

Segmented Star

Segmented Star example of possible use

These frameworks are very pretty when formatted. The three variations for each star-point number offer lots of options. They can be formatted to look 3D or flat. They can have centers or appear as an outline ribbon. You should go to the tutorial and look at the formatting options and examples. In fact, you should do this before you select and download these frameworks. That way you'll choose the correct version to download for the look you want to achieve.

As with all segment frameworks, the concept is pieces of a whole. These frameworks blend the segments concept with a suggestion of excitement (burst) or superiority (star). Add a circular flow behind these frameworks and you have motion or order.

Key search words: burst, star, 3D star, excite, emphasize, emphasis, emblem, ornament

The background used in the example for this series is courtesy of ppted.com.
Visit http://www.ppted.com to view their library of backgrounds.


Tutorial for Interchangeable Puzzle Pieces – Vertical

Keywords: burst, star, 3D star, excite, emphasize, emphasis, emblem, ornament

Categories: Segments, Emphasis

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