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Segment 027

Square-Cornered Expandable Puzzles

Square-Cornered Expandable Puzzles example of possible use

As with all PowerFrameworks puzzle pieces, the interior of the puzzle piece is large enough to hold text or graphic content. PowerFrameworks puzzles are unique in this manner – engineered and developed to be useful as a message delivery vehicle.

This series and sg026 offer expanded possibilities for puzzles. If you need very large puzzle boards or unlimited pieces, this series and sg026 are the correct choice. These puzzle pieces have been drawn so that rows and columns can be added, creating unlimited possibilities.

Basically, there are only two types of rows so the puzzles can be expanded very easily. See the tutorial. Same with columns.

Another idea is to string a horizontal line of puzzle pieces and use them to show adding or building interconnected pieces in sequence. Horizontal flows are typically used for this, but the string of puzzle pieces sends a distinct message.

Notice that each piece type has its own color. This makes it easy to add border pieces if needed. Refer to the tutorial if you need further explanation. Also, the downloadable animation example is especially good – don't forget to check it out.


Tutorial for Puzzle Layout

Keywords: puzzle, expandable puzzles, rounded corners, interlocking, fit, interchangeable

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