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SG030 – Segment 030 – Interchangeable Puzzle Pieces – Horizontal


This series is the horizontal equivalent of sg025 (vertically oriented puzzles). Sometimes a horizontal text string works better than a vertically-oriented text string; and that's what this series was designed to provide.

The pieces from the different frameworks in the series can be mixed and matched (see the series example). These puzzle series work quite well with imported pictures. The tutorial will show you how to import pieces of a picture into the segments in order to create a while picture when the puzzle pieces are assembled. This is a very good technique to learn. It is very easy to accomplish in PowerPoint 2007 and less easy in pre-PowerPoint 2007 versions (but doable). The tutorial will also show you how to get a good "puzzle bevel" established for the pieces in PowerPoint 2007.

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TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Segments 030 – Interchangeable Puzzle Pieces – Horizontal

Frameworks available in this series

Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image of that framework.

SG030 – sg030_0102

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SG030 – sg030_0103

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SG030 – sg030_0104

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SG030 – sg030_0105

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SG030 – sg030_0106

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Links to instructions for getting the framework into your presentation

  1. Determine the best file type for your needs
  2. Download the file
  3. Import the framework into your presentation
    1. Importing a PPT file
    2. Importing a EMF or PNG

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