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Segment 031

Broadcast Arcs

Broadcast Arcs example of possible use

These broadcast segments are developed so that they convey a few different broadcast messages:

  • fast signals – use the variations with many broadcast arcs
  • slow signals – use the variations with few broadcast arcs
  • signals that maintain their intensity after they leave the origination point – use the variations with the same line size for all arcs
  • signals that fade after they leave the origination point – use the variations with arcs that become are less distinct
  • signals that are strongest in the center of the direction they are pointed – use the variations with the ends of the arcs faded

All of these variations imply a specific type of signal. Identify the type of broadcast you wish to convey, review the characteristics of each download, and choose the variation(s) that best illustrate your message.

The broadcast tower is included with each download, but you don't need to use it. Instead, consider using your logo, an image of a product, or other object or photograph that is "sending a message."

Power Chart 'Animated Broadcast Technique' is closely related to this series, although it uses filled circles and animation to convey the broadcast concept. These broadcast arcs don't need to be animated, although they certainly may be. Review the tutorial for more information about usage and formatting.


Tutorial for Rectangle Spectrum

Keywords: broadcast, satellite, radiate, arcs, signal, radar, sonar

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