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Segment 038

Circle Segment Breakouts

Circle Segment Breakouts example of possible use

This series contains frameworks that make it easy to add images to help define the segments of a circle. These frameworks are designed to work with small segmented circles with limited text; but if you want to enlarge the existing segmented circle, you can certainly do so. This will, however, make it more difficult to find and use photographs that work when imported into the nonuniform shapes of the breakouts. There are 4 versions and 28 downloads available to you, so you'll be sure to find a good layout for the space on the slide that is available:

  • V1 has a segmented circle with a segmented halo and is a perfect square
  • V2 has a segmented circle with a segmented halo and is a rectangle
  • V3 has a segmented circle and is a perfect square
  • V4 has a segmented circle and is a rectangle.

See the tutorial for more information about formatting, usage, and image selection.


Tutorial for Puzzle Variations

Keywords: photo breakout slides, image breakout slides, circular flow breakout slides

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