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Silhouettes 004


Jump example of possible use

These silhouettes can be used to illustrate many concepts: jumping for something that is just beyond reach, jumping for joy, leap of faith (as in the series example), jumping away from danger, performance, etc. All of the silhouettes are in one download, and all can receive any type of formatting you wish. Notice that the jumping figure in the series example has a shadow? The shadow is from the shadow menu in PowerPoint 2007, but the distance between the shadow and the silhouette has been increased. Be sure you do this or the shadow will make your jumping figure look like they're on the ground (shadow connects directly with the figure). This and more formatting and usage tips are available in the tutorial.


Tutorial for Enhancing your message with silhouettes

Keywords: jump, leap, leap of faith, jump for joy, jump ship, bound, hop, soar, fly, hurdle, skip, spring, vault, start

Categories: Silhouettes

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