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Silhouettes 007


Lifting example of possible use

These silhouettes are full editable and able to receive all types of formatting. The many different postures of the silhouettes will enable you to use a variety of lifted objects with them. For example, you might want to use figures pushing against crushing debt, an effort to keep something from crashing down, a group effort of many silhouettes to raise awareness (a phrase, perhaps), attempting to move a heavy object to clear a path, etc.

This series also has a set of interactive silhouettes (download the animated example to see how you might use them in your presentations). The silhouettes are cut into pieces so that objects can be placed in the hands of the silhouettes and look realistic. All you need to do is make sure the layering of the pieces and the object is correct on the slide. Refer to the tutorial for information about layering and adding objects.


Tutorial for Gantts

Keywords: lifting silhouette, raise issue chart, silhouette pushing up, clear the way

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