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Timing 010

Curved Trend Columns

Curved Trend Columns example of possible use

This series shows a conceptual curved-line uptrend or, if the columns are grouped and flipped horizontally, downtrend. There are 1 through 31 columns, so the x axis can be used for any number of units. Use these for non-data-driven projections, phasing, or even milestones. The series ti004 is a straight-line uptrend. The differences are slight, but important if you're trying to convey a precise message.

Each section is a separate field, so they can be highlighted to help deliver the message.

Download the animated example for a possible animation scheme. Refer to the tutorial for formatting techniques.

Key search words: phase trends, uptrend, growth, gain, downtrend, shrinkage, loss


Tutorial for Monthly Calendars

Keywords: phase trends, uptrend, growth, gain, downtrend, shrinkage, loss

Categories: Timing

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