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Roll Out

Roll Out example of possible use

Here's a series to help you illustrate a roll out. The reason this concept works is the animation (view the flash for this series to see it in action). The circle segments are rolled into view one by one. It's important to review the tutorial for this series before you begin working with the frameworks. There are a few aspects to this series that you should understand – there are lots of working parts to manage and a set-up technique that is necessary for this framework to function correctly.

In addition to the animated rollout, there is a version that includes text boxes that appear with each segment. Each download has three versions of the rollout. Two of the three are preanimated.

Another important use for these frameworks is an animated agenda. It's difficult to show agenda items for a full-day meeting in any detail unless you get creative. This is definitely a creative way to present the agenda for a meeting! See the Animated Agenda Power Chart for a way to use these series in that manner.

Color coding can be used to show day and night (e.g., version with 24 segments) , highlights, groupings, etc.

Notice also that arc WordArt is used. You can replace the text with your text and not have to worry about layout and formatting.

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Tutorial for Monthly Calendars

Keywords: rollout, roll out, stages, phases, sequence, timing

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