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TI015 – Timing 015 – 2010 Calendars


This is the calendar series for 2010.

Calendars are needed from time to time in presentations. Here is a set for 2010 that can be colored to match your template colors. All of the fields in the calendars are eligible for fill and line colors.

These calendars are also set up without text. All of the days of the weeks and the dates are graphics, which means you can size the monthly group to any size you want and not have to worry about resizing the text.

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TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Timing – Monthly Calendars

Frameworks available in this series

Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image of that framework.

TI015 – ti015_2010_01-03

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TI015 – ti015_2010_04-06

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TI015 – ti015_2010_07-09

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TI015 – ti015_2010_10-12

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