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Tool 001


Gauges example of possible use

The PowerFrameworks tools are designed to make your life simple by providing some standard objects that are frequently used in presentations. If you use these tools consistently, you will have consistent looking pages, presentations, and libraries of presentations.

Use this gauge to indicate the results of surveys, opinions, and other types of measurements. There is only one download, but it contains 9 gauge layouts. There are grids behind the gauges, and they range from 2 segments to 10 segments. You can use a legend to identify the number range significance, or you can place a double-headed arrow on top and label the extremes (e.g., low and high, slow and fast, old and new).

The Tools Category has other types of gauges as well. Browse to be sure you're selecting the correct format to deliver your message.


Tutorial for Thermometer

Keywords: gauges, gages, qualitative, value, dashboard, results, barometer, measurement

Categories: Tools, Bullet Alternatives

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