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TO002 – Tool 002 – Thermometer


Use this gauge to indicate the results of a survey, opinions, or other type of measurement.The two columns on the left-hand side of the thermometer is for added information (see example). Change the height of each column segment to reflect the correct values.If you prefer not to use this feature, just delete the boxes and rely on the thermometer itself to tell the story.All of the thermometers are identical except for the axis on the right-hand side.Select the number of increments you want and delete the unwanted thermometers from the page.

The thermometer allows you to play on the words "what's hot" and "what's not."

The "mercury" can be adjusted by increasing the height of the column field within the framework.Make this field active and then stretch it to the desired value.See the tutorial for other helps regarding the use of this framework.

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TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Tools 002 – Thermometer

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