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Tool 008


Tool 008 – Gauge example of possible use

These frameworks are a good option for gauging qualitative information in a visual way. The markers are set at the center (neutral) and can be moved or animated to move to another position on the scale. You can also attach a tick-marked scale to these if you wish, although it is not necessary in most cases. If you want to use tick marks, consider using the to001 gauge instead. The to001 frameworks start at zero and can be moved or animated to move to the right and the position you wish, which implies gain.

This series is only being offered as a PowerPoint download so that you can leverage the gradient that has been preformatted into the frameworks. We opted for a field instead of a line to connect the dots so that a gradient can be used - remember it's a good thing to use color as a tool.

There are more formatting options in the tutorial.

Key search words: gauge, gage, measurement, ranking, opinion, qualify, quality, qualitative

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Tools 008 and 041 – Gauges

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