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TO010 – Tool 010 – Checks, Xes, and Symbols


These symbols are graphics, not fonts. This means that they can be resized easily without the headache of changing font sizes. To change the color of these symbols, apply fill and/or line colors.

WordArt in pre-PowerPoint 2007 versions does not have access to the library of symbols. Therefore, the symbols in this series will help to fill this unmet need. WordArt in PowerPoint 2007 does have access to the full library of symbols and fonts, which is a tremendous added capability. There are instances, however, when it may be better to use these symbols – even if you are using PowerPoint 2007.

The check marks and Xes are particularly useful when paired with the clipboard (cn023). Refer to the tutorial for formatting tips.

Key search words: checks, x, Xes, inventory, completion, cross-hatches, symbols, currency, fractions, mathematics, mathematical

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Tools 010 – Checks, Xes, and Symbols

Frameworks available in this series

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TO010 – to010_v01

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TO010 – to010_v02

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TO010 – to010_v03

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TO010 – to010_v04

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TO010 – to010_v05

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TO010 – to010_v06

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