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Tool 011


Tool 011 – Rulers example of possible use

Use these frameworks as rulers to measure non-data-driven information – qualitative assessments. The rulers are unique and easy to use. They can also be animated easily to provide a more vivid message.

There are three versions of rules within this series:

  1. Version 1 contains one through five 2-segment bars with 4 "inches" of measurements
  2. Version 2 contains one through five 2-segment bars with 5 "inches" of measurements
  3. Version 3 contains two sets of one through five 2-segment bars, each with 3 "inches" of measurements. This version can measure two different criteria or positives and negatives.

The rulers can be also used as sets on a page or added to a dashboard – the dials and gauges used with these rulers can be quite appealing. Look at the versions carefully so you download the ruler that best suits your purpose.

We've uncharacteristically included text in the PowerPoint downloads. If the text skews, select all and apply the correct font size and remove any bullets that may be applied from your default settings in your template. See the tutorial for a step-by-step process – it's easy to follow.

Key search words: rulers, measurements, non-data-driven, qualitative, gauge, inches, increments

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Tools 011 – Rulers

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