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Tool 012

Dial Gauges

Dial Gauges example of possible use

Dashboards are used to show a point-in-time snapshot of a company's health and status. Dashboards can be comprised of data-driven charts, qualitative charts, maps with color coding to show rankings for regions, or gauges, like those in this series. This series contains five gauges, each different. This series is not a set of the same gauge in different segment variations. Each segment tells a different story: cold to hot, empty to full, two gauges with measurement increments in 5s, gauge with a needle that registers two measurements at once. The gauges are only offered as PowerPoint downloads because the needles have been developed and grouped so that manual and animated spins are easy to accomplish.

The segments can be colored as you choose. The downloads are colored with green/yellow/red, from left to right. The green on the left signifies that it is better to have fewer. If you want a gauge to show that greater is better, you can either group all of the components of the gauge that you wish to use and flip it horizontally and then ungroup again. Alternatively, you can recolor the outer segments of the dial so that it goes from red (lower left) to green (lower right).

The example for this series uses gauges without number values, although they can certainly be added, either incrementally and associated with the segments of the gauge or with a beginning and an ending number.

The gauge downloads have animation applied: for all versions, the needle is positioned at the beginning of the dial. The animation takes the needle to the end of the dial. You can, of course, adjust the spin percentage so that the needle stops at the desired position on the dial. If you don't want to use animation, just remove it and manually spin the needle to the desired position on the dial. To manually spin the needles, click on the needle and look for the little green-dot handle. Put your pointer on the green dot and spin the needle to the desired position.

Refer to the tutorial for more formatting and animation tips, and download the animated example if you wish to see how you might animate the needle(s).


Tutorial for Volume Controls

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