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TO013 – Tool 013 – Volume Controls


These frameworks are typical volume controls: they don't have numerical values attached to the grid. However, if you'd prefer to add numerical values, place them next to the 20 tick marks for each control or to the far left for all the controls.

These controls are different than the typical gauges and ranges you see on control panels: they set performance levels instead of report on performance activity. You can couple a control in this series with a needle gauge: use animation to show that when a control is set to increase "volume" the needle in the needle gauge reacts and swings to show the incremental increase. A cool way to show cause and effect on a control panel.

There is a downloadable animation example for you to view: a simple wipe from the bottom (or left if you use the vertical versions) with the ending/marker bar set to appear after the wipe. If you couple a control with a gauge, animate the gauge to spin to the desired spot on the gauge dial. Click here to go to the FAQ entitled, "How can I best animate the pendulum, gauges, and other frameworks so that the pendulums/needles swing?". The series for gauges can be found in the Tools Category.

The volume controls will add another dimension to any control panel you wish to develop. Browse the other gauges available on PowerFrameworks to develop a useful, informative, and visually appealing control panel for your audience.

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Tools 013 – Volume Controls

Frameworks available in this series

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TO013 – to013_v01_horizontal

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TO013 – to013_v01_vertical

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TO013 – to013_v02_horizontal.

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TO013 – to013_v02_vertical

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